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Orchid and Ash

Bohemian | Lavandin and Vanilla Ritual Spray | 9235 Certified Fragrance

Bohemian | Lavandin and Vanilla Ritual Spray | 9235 Certified Fragrance

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Familiar and soothing. Herbal lavandin sits above soft notes of coconut cream and earthy balsam, rounded out by full-bodied vanilla.

  • TOP: Lavandin
  • MIDDLE: Coconut Cream
  • BASE: Vanilla, Balsam

Taking traditional room and linen spray one step further, this ritual spray invites you to turn your every day moments into your most looked-forward to, sacred rituals. TIP: Ritual sprays are skin safe and make an amazing clean body mist.

INSTRUCTIONS: Simply shake and spritz whatever makes your heart the most happy.

SIZE: 3.4 oz

INGREDIENTS: Organic Cane Alcohol, 100% natural 9235 certified fragrance

  • TOXIN FREE: contains absolutely no reproductive, acute or organ toxins.
  • PHTHALATE FREE: phthalates have been shown to be harmful to our bodies and reproductive systems, and our candles have *none* in them.
  • CARCINOGEN FREE: carcinogens are known to cause cancer, and our candles have zero.
  • MUTAGEN FREE: mutagens can negatively alter our genetic makeup, so it goes without saying, we leave them out.
  • ALL NATURAL: zero synthetics or additives, everything quite literally, comes straight from nature.
  • VEGAN AND CRUELY FREE: always and forever
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