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Cultivating Conversations Card Deck

Cultivating Conversations Card Deck

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Go beyond small talk. Engage with the Cultivating Conversations Card Deck to unlock new levels of understanding and connection, a testament to the power of thoughtful communication in nurturing relationships and personal growth. Explore the depths of your own thoughts with the Cultivating Conversations Card Deck. Designed to cultivate deep conversations and foster meaningful connections in any setting, this question card deck can be used solo or with a group to build stronger bonds with others.


Every time you play, you will learn something new, let down another wall and become more confident in who you are.



Start by drawing a card from one of the 7 diverse card categories: Past, Present, Future, Soul, Self, Inspiration and Emotions - offering a wide range of discussion topics. Ask the question with the open circle to start. Every card has two questions: the first side has an initial invitation question to ease into and the second side has a diving deeper question to explore further. 

Play solo: Draw a card and use it as a journal prompt for personal reflection

Play with others: Play with friends at a dinner party as a conversational catalyst or with your partner for a new and intimate date night idea 




"The Cultivating Conversations Card Deck is extremely thoughtful in its prompts. I love that I can use it for private journaling, in my personal relationships, and even in icebreaker conversations at work. -Becca"



  • 70 question cards
  • Eco-friendly production - Printed on thick stock made from recycled hemp
  • 2.75’’ x 4’’
  • Crafted in California, USA


This carefully crafted card deck serves as a gateway to profound discussions and personal introspection, encouraging you to navigate the realms of the intricacies of the human experience. They promise to enrich your interactions and introspections with thought-provoking questions.


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