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Repair and Protect | 3-Step Hair Care System | Glamour Award Winner

Repair and Protect | 3-Step Hair Care System | Glamour Award Winner

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Developed and tested through over 1 million consultations with real clients. Real people, real results.

Formulated specifically for fragile, damaged or over-processed hair, the best-selling Repair and Protect 3-Step system helps improve porosity, smooth hair's cuticle, and mend split ends. It’s fortifying clean-beauty ingredients—including coconut oil, baobab, and quinoa protein—boost the tensile strength of each strand while helping to protect against future damage. Hair's left with improved elasticity, increased strength, and notable shine. 


    • Clay Shampoo Concentrate 4.25oz
    • Crème Mask Concentrate 4.25oz
    • Conditioning Balm Concentrate 4.25oz 


Gently scented with comforting essences of neroli, black pepper and sandalwood


CLAY SHAMPOO CONCENTRATE: White Clay Coconut Oil Quinoa & Soy Proteins Caffeine Sweet Almond Protein

CRÈME MASK CONCENTRATE: Coconut Oil Aloe Sweet Almond Protein Baobab Seed Extract Quinoa & Soy Proteins

CONDITIONING BALM CONCENTRATE: Jojoba Seed Oil Vitamin E Coconut Oil Baobab Seed Extract Hydrolyzed Keratin


    • Improves Porosity 
    • Boosts Tensile Strength
    • Mends Spit Ends
    • Protects Against Future Damage
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